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AdminP now supports updates to Private Design Elements (R5.0.5)

Prior to Domino R5.0.5, when a user name expired due to a name change, the user lost access to any private design elements (agents, views, and folders) that the user had created. This was true for any database on any server on which the user created a private design element. When the old user name expired, the private design elements were not updated with the user's new name. This prevented the user from accessing those design elements because those elements contained the user's old name.

In Domino R5.0.5, interaction between the administration process (AdminP) and the Notes 5.0.5 client supports the renaming of private design elements due to a user name change. The user's old name is replaced with the new name so that the user can access those design elements. The update of the user name in private design elements does require limited action by the administrator and the user as explained below.

If the administration server and all clients are running Domino R5.0.5, the administrator can send the user an e-mail containing database links for the databases in which the user has private design elements. Opening the databases, via the database links in the e-mail, updates the fields with the user's new name. No other action is required. (The agent that generates these automatic e-mails is called the "AdminP Mail Notification Agent.")

To enable the AdminP Mail Notification Agent:

NOTE: If you are using a Domino R5.0.5 server and have at least one R5.0.5 client, you can still use the agent by having users open their databases via the 5.0.5 client as described above. If they open and close their databases with an R5.0.5 client, you will not have to perform the procedure below for users who do not have R5.0.5 clients.

If all clients are not running Domino R5.0.5, the administrator can do the following: