02 Things you need to know
AIX environment settings

Kernel configurations for IBM AIX servers

Use SMIT to set the following kernel parameters:

Generation of a CORE file in the event of a fatal error

If you want the Domino Server to generate a core file in the event of a fatal error, set the following variable in the environment of the UNIX account in which the Domino Server operates. This is typically set in the .profile of the UNIX account:


Note: The default behavior is to not generate a core file and have the option of running the nsd utility to generate information about the fatal error.

Default sizes in etc/security/limits

All default sizes specified in /etc/security/limits should be specified as unlimited (set to -1).

Configure file systems for large file support

For Domino servers on AIX, the file systems must be explicitly configured to support large files (greater than 2GB.) If the file system is not configured for large file support, it is possible that a crash could occur on the server if the database grows beyond the 2GB limit. A qualified AIX system administrator should configure or verify that the file system supports large files using smit: