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Adding administrator to mail file ACL during migration (R5.0.1)

The following describes a new selection available in the Migration options list of the R5.0.1 People and Groups Migration dialog box:

When you create a mail file for a user during migration, by default, your Administrator ID is temporarily placed in the Access Control List (ACL) of the new mail file and is assigned Manager access. After the migration completes and the migrated user is successfully registered in Notes, the Administrator ID is then removed from the ACL and replaced with the name of the mail file owner. At this point, only the mail file owner can open the mail file.

Note: If you are migrating user mail boxes and choose to retain the default mail file ACL during migration, should the mail box conversion fail, the Administrator ID remains in the ACL as Manager.

In some cases, you may need to convert additional messages for users after you migrate them to Notes and create their Notes mail files. However, under the default mail file ACLs, you as the administrator do not have the level of access needed, and must ask the owner to restore your name in the ACL.

To save time later, if you can anticipate needing to perform such a secondary migration: when you first select users to migrate, also select the migration option "Add administrator to mail file access control list" from this list on the People and Groups Migration dialog box. This option changes the default mail file ACL so that the administrator retains Manager access to the mail file. The owner of the mail file also remains in the ACL with the default Manager access.

Note: This option adds the Administrator ID to the ACL of every mail file you create during the migration process, regardless of whether any messages are migrated.