06 History of changes
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Allocating resources for partitions (R5.0.4)

Beginning in R5.0.4, a new NOTES.INI variable called "PercentAvailSysResources" is provided.* This parameter limits the physical memory used to a percent of the system's physical memory size. For example, say an administrator of a Domino server with two partitions wanted to control resources allocated to each partition: partition 1 to use 75% of the system resources and partition 2 to use 25% of system resources. In this case, the NOTES.INI of partition 1 would contain "PercentAvailSysResources=75" and the NOTES.INI of partition 2 would contain "PercentAvailSysResources=25".

The range for the variable is auto limited between 2 to 100. If this parameter is used then the NSF_BUFFER_POOL_SIZE and NSF_BUFFER_POOL_SIZE_MB should not be used unless so advised by Lotus Support.

Another use for "PercentAvailSysResources" would be on the Citrix MetaFrame or Windows Terminal Server. For example, if there are 20 data directories on the terminal server then the NOTES.INI files in each client data directory would contain the parameter "PercentAvailSysResources=5".*

* Post-5.0.4 release update: The "PercentAvailSysResources" parameter is working as expected in Domino partitions for non-Windows platforms such as AIX, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, and OS/2. However, late testing revealed that the parameter does not work as expected in Domino partitions on the Windows platform. Unfortunately, this problem also extends to the use of the parameter on Citrix MetaFrame and Windows Terminal Server so the parameter is ineffective on those platforms. The problem is expected to be fixed in an upcoming release of Domino.