03 Troubleshooting
Administrator Client, Client, Server
Adminp fails to write public key during recertification/expiration

This is targeted to be fixed in R5.x. There are no plans to fix this in R4.x.

The following steps show that the Admin process fails to write the same public key to the Person document and User ID during authentication:

The User's ID now has matching public keys in the ID itself and the Person document in the NAB, with a certifier expiration date of (03/31/2020). The problem with the above scenario is that if an administrator wants to make the certificate expire on a user's ID via the admin process, by placing a certification date in the past (I tried 03/31/1997). The request is then generated in admin4.nsf, and appears to be successfully processed. The certlog.nsf is updated. When the user tries to authenticate, there is no message: "The hierarchical certificates in your ID file have been updated with new expiration dates," the ID file is never updated and the certificate still reflects the later date:
After authenticating with the server and with the, THERE IS NO MESSAGE: "The hierarchical certificates in your ID file have been updated with new expiration dates." The still reflects the expiration date of 03/31/2020.
If you compare the public key is the with that of the Person document, the second grouping of characters is again different.

At this point, the public keys are different in the Person document and There is an expiration date of (03/31/2020) on the
If select an expiration date in step 1 of (03/31/97) and certify, the public keys via the user id and person document would be the same. When the tries to authenticate with the server, the user is locked out because the id is expired.