02 Things you need to know
Additional items on Domino CD-ROMs

In addition to the Domino installation files, there are the following items on the Domino R5 CDs. Please note that Lotus provides support only for Lotus software in the \APPS directory, and we support it on a best-effort basis. For other, non-Lotus software applications included in the \APPS directory, please refer to the appropriate third-party vendor for support.

Adobe Acrobat Readers

On the root directory of the Notes, Notes Designer and Domino Server CDs, the Release Notes are available in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). To view PDF documents such as README.PDF, you can use the Adobe Acrobat Readers contained in the \APPS\ADOBE directory. For platform specific instructions, refer to the START.TXT text file found on the root directory. Additional information can be found on the Adobe Web site at

Domino Global Workbench R5 [Domino W32 Server CD only]
Domino Global WorkBench Release 5.0.7a is a point release that increases the robustness of Domino Global Workbench and increases your productivity while creating global eBusiness Applications. Domino Global WorkBench 5.0.7a is fully integrated with the Domino server and the Domino Designer development environment. Like all other components of the Domino IDE, it is standards-based and compatible with popular Web development tools. It helps application developers localize the architecture of multilingual Domino based applications, Application and Web site administrators manage the deployment and synchronization of Domino multilingual applications and Web sites and Content Managers provide, track and update the content across languages efficiently. The application can be found on the Domino Designer and Domino Server (W32 only) CDs in the \APPS\DGW directory.

Update for 5.0.7a:

Key updates in 5.0.7 (included in 5.0.7a) are:

System Requirements

The following hardware is recommended:
Operating system:
To use the WorkBench:
To use databases built by Domino Global WorkBench:
To build Notes 4.6 language databases with the WorkBench:

Domino Management Agents

The Domino Management Agents contain the Domino SNMP Agent and Mail Reflector and run on Domino servers. The SNMP agent monitors server events and automatically forwards real-time alerts back to the NotesView management station or any SNMP supported console. With the SNMP agent, you can collect Domino statistics, query the Domino server, and restart the Domino server. The Notes Mail Reflector can be used by itself to help diagnose mail problems, and it supports the mail prober of Lotus NotesView.

This release on the CD-ROM supports Domino 4.5x and higher and Notes R4 servers on the following operating system platforms: IBM AIX, Microsoft Windows NT for Intel, and Sun Solaris for SPARC. The agents can be found in the /APPS/AGENTS directory on the CD-ROM. The documentation can be found in /APPS/SYSMGMT/AGENTS/NVAGENTS.NSF. The latest versions of the agents (and the older version that supports Notes R3 servers) of the Domino Management Agents and documentation can always be found at the Lotus Systems Management Web site at:

Domino Network File Store (DNFS) [Domino W32 Server CD only]

Domino Network File Store (DNFS), which provides the ability to use Domino as a file server, was first included in the \APPS directory on the R5.0.5 Domino CD. DNFS R1.2 now ships in the \APPS directory on the R5.0.7 Domino CD. DNFS provides Domino customers secure, replicated, and indexed collaborative repository for productivity files via standard Windows Networking. DNFS is a Domino server add-in task that enables users to read files from and save files to Domino databases from any Windows application. With DNFS, files stored in a Domino databases are presented to users in a traditional folder/file metaphor, and are accessed through an application's Open/Save dialog boxes, Windows Explorer, or any Windows file system dialog box.

Domino Network File Store blurs the boundaries between the Windows file management system and Domino servers. Users simply map a drive to a Domino server, similar to mapping a drive to a network server, and Domino databases, folders, and documents display in the familiar tree structure within existing Windows file management controls. If mapping a network drive is something that is unfamiliar to users, this can easily be done for them by a network administrator or through a logon script.

DNFS enables users to work within a natural interface. As users perform routine file operations such as Open, Save, Delete, Rename, etc. from within any Windows application DNFS seamlessly passing of files into and out of Domino/Notes applications. Benefits include:

DNFS System Requirements:
Languages: Global English
Server Operating Systems: NT 4.0 SP3 and higher, or Windows 2000
Domino Servers: Release 5.0 and higher
Client Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT 4.0

Networking environment: Windows Networking using one of the following transport protocols: Lotus Translation Components Release 2.1.1
The Lotus Translation Components Release 2.1.1 (LTC) are a set of programming objects and server based software services that allow the secure, scalable and interactive integration of a variety of translation services into Domino, Sametime and WebSphere applications. They consist of 3 main components: the Domino Translation Object (DTO), the Translation Services Gateway (TSG) and the Remote Configuration and Statistics database.The LTC's 2.1.1 are the cross platform version of the LTC's 2.1 [Domino W32 Server CD Only] previously shipped in March 2001 and support the following environments: Windows 95, Windows, 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, AIX and Solaris. The application can be found on the Notes, Domino Designer and Domino Server CDs in the \APPS\LTC directory. Key features:
LTC's System Requirements