02 Things you need to know
AIX - More private memory data space available

The available process memory (for use by Notes/Domino tasks and API applications) increased in R5.0.9,

The result is that two 256 MB segments are now available for process memory on a per-process basis and two fewer segments are available for shared memory by the Notes/Domino application.

The Notes/Domino binaries map in nine shared memory segments. If your API application maps a different number of segments, you will receive the following error message during its initialization:

This ensures that APIs and add-in tasks are properly aware of the total shared memory space that Notes/Domino has available to it.

To resolve binary inconsistencies we have created a new utility: dataseg. With the dataseg utility you can check and change the number of shared memory segments a binary is allowed to allocate. All third-party add-in tasks or homegrown APIs must match those in the Notes/Domino distribution. If upgrading from 5.0.8 or below, this is will likely be a required change for customers that use third-party add-in task inclusive of Lotus Brand products such as LEI or Domino.Doc. as well as any home grown APIs.

dataseg * (checks all apps; you can supply namelist)

dataseg -s * (sets to our default; you can supply namelist )

This will change only 32-bit AIX executables and change only the data segment.

NOTE: Using the -f switch (where you can choose the number of data segments) is NOT recommended. This was tested with only two segments (the automatic setting with the -s switch). If you need to run it with more segments, go back to the original executable form (by using "-f 0"), or change the executables to the number of segments recommended by Support. Also, generally root authority will be required to change the segments on a binary. Partition server customers should have all partitions down when changing the segment number on a set of binaries.

For more information refer to the AIX General Programming Concepts book, the "Large Program Support" chapter (keyword: maxdata).