05 Interoperability
Adding R4.6x server in Notes domain with R5 hub server

If you add an R4.6x server to a Notes domain which has an R5 hub server, change the Home URL field on the Internet Protocols - HTTP tab of the Server document for the R4.6x server. The default setting for the Home URL field is:


Homepage.nsf is an R5 database. Change the entry in the Home URL field to a URL you want users to see when they open the server, such as with a ?OpenServer command, from a browser.

To change the Home URL field

If you set the Home URL field to:


to allow users to see a list of the databases on the server, you must also do the following:

If you do not make this change, Web clients try to browse the list of databases, but get an error because they are not authorized to do so. In R4.6x, the default setting for "Allow HTTP clients to browse databases" is Yes. In R5, the default setting is No.