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Welcome to IBM Lotus Notes, Domino, & Domino Designer R5.0.13

Welcome to Release 5.0.13 (R5.0.13) of IBM Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino Designer, and the Lotus Domino Server family of products. R5.0.13 is the latest release of the world's leading products for information management, messaging, collaboration and Web application development. The R5 product line, conceived with the qualities and capabilities of the Internet, delivers on the promise of enabling users to find, act upon and share information, further improving communication among groups, organizations and people everywhere.

These Release Notes contain information on the many new features and enhancements included in all R5 products. Before installing R5.0.13, please review the "Things You Need To Know" and "Troubleshooting" chapters of these Release Notes.

For an overview of the features in this release, see the "What's New?" chapter.

For exhaustive online searches of the README.NSF Release Notes database, without using a full-text index, use the Search view.

If you want detailed information about preparing for a larger deployment of R5, browse or download the book "Moving to Notes and Domino Release 5" from the Lotus Developer Domain at This book is available as part of the Lotus Domino Administration help.