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Alternate Memo Editor - known issues
Anonymous access allowed refers to non-secure LDAP only
Anonymous/no access setting may produce ISpy error
Appearance Manager requirements for Notes on Macintosh
AS/400 (iSeries) and S/390 (zSeries) information sources
Attachment file names containing exclamation points
Authenticating Web clients in an LDAP directory
Authentication error in Windows NT clients
Authorization error when searching domains for databases
Auto-restart for Domino R5 on UNIX platforms (R5.0.1)
Back button error in silent install for partitioned server
Backend call Database.getSize returns negatives values
Bi-di text wrapping measured at document loading (R5.0.10)
Bi-directional (BiDi) Language support
Black & white table in message tracking reports
Broken links in Help topics for pages and forms
Browser client must support 800x600 for mail file access
Button width options added in R5.0.1
CA e-mail notification not readable in Webmail
Calendar and Scheduling Printing Enhancements for 5.0.3
Calendar and scheduling with Prefers MIME mail preference
Calendar not refreshed if left open after midnight
Calendar printing issues
Calendar problems with SMTP
Can't select directory catalog in Outlook if name is non-ASCII
Can't use OID in LDAP search filter
Canceling and/or adding rooms to existing meeting invitation
Cannot connect to two mailboxes on same server
Cannot display euro character on Japanese Windows NT